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Let me go - Foaye Galleri, USN campus Notodden

In cooperation with 
Paul D. Smith

This is it. This is about letting go.

Of our expectations. Our demands. Ideas. Comforts. Ideals. Ourselves.

Letting the nature and the other in.

Giving in to the transformation.

Through artistic research Joanna wishes to highlight what a bodily experience can tell about the relation between humans and nature. Can an art expression, created through the process of immersing oneself into the great phenomena of nature, our surroundings, also express the internal struggles we experience in many relations and situations? In addition to the visual work, Joanna creates text, soundscapes and performances.  

Paul, through his work, presents another perspective – how small, fragile, insignificant, and still present we are. Being able to photograph with a drone and working with the combination of landscape, nature and human vulnerability introduced new levels of interpretation in his work. A good picture tells a story, creates curiosity, fuels the imagination.  

Through the experience of creating together we are developing new knowledge, also defining who we are as a part of this process. Who we are in this world, where a high level of ethical awareness and a mindset for sustainability is crucial. What we wish for is to show our fragility as human beings, and how our impact on our surroundings affects the possibility of us still being here.   


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