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Through the technique of interweaving of different and diverging stories, videoart, soundscapes, song, and expressions I wish to share the experience of a life lived. My artistic approach for the last seven years has been divided to three thematic parts, that all concern human vulnerability.


the human failing

A place is democratic, hierarchical, full of history, at the same time contemporary. A place is space, thoughts, development, and presence. A place is language, formulas, constructions, structures, and communication. A place is feelings, sensuality, content, and form. A place is mine and ours. A community. The site-specific installation Ruins will always be about a place as complex as described above, consisting of stories, mine and borrowed – fragments of what has happened here. I hope that interweaving of different and diverging fragments, through forming our own personal performance dramaturgy and hence experience, will create an understanding of the others and their experience as well. In that lies a possibility for shared Story, a collective Story, crossing borders, heritage, History and personal experience. All Ruins need attention, hence The Custodian watches over the layers of a place minding everybody to “please not step on the ruins. we do not know where they exactly are, so just step carefully around”.  

The artist failing

Nobody comes to my performances. Nobody is engaged in what I am doing.  There are too many artists. I am not worthwhile. I am a disappointment, incapable, inadequate, incompetent, inferior. This is a self-protective stratagem of indefinite procrastination (according to I wish to reframe my failure. Normalize it. Master it. Instead of trying to launch my carrier as a performance artist, I will rather create meeting points with not my audience. I will become The Hostess, and will borrow audiences, from established institutions, other artists, even from commercial venues. My short happenings will hence be an example of commensalism, where I as an artist will be in a relation in which I will benefit from the other without either harming or benefiting the latter.  Respectfully, newer disturbing the work that already is there, only interacting with not my audience.

barnacle art
Joanna Magierecka

the woman failing

A performance, contemporary in its expression, raw and unfinished, though carefully rehearsed, presenting a scaffolding of connotations about what the experience of being a woman means. In form I have been challenging myself and work with my voice, songs performed live, inspired by the actor’s song format, and soundscapes. Something that contribute to the fragile expression of the thematic content. The performance does not focus on any feministic aspects, but rather strives to build as large a scaffolding of connotations as possible within the context. As documentation of the performance, I also have created a videoart piece with same title.


Through different projects and artistic research, I work within the third space (a space in between) as a meeting point where I, the audience, and the artwork, through dialogue and interaction, develop new knowledge about specific parts of human interaction. 

Joanna Magierecka

in cooperation with Paul Smith

I stand all alone

there is only me

immersed in you

you are all






In Absence of Ruins
kunst i spire

in cooperation with Lars Frers

Absence and Ruins are both concepts and metaphors that we want to recreate, reshape, think further with a starting point for a new mindsett. Through that we hope to reconnect with the World Herritage at Notodden.

Joanna Magierecka Notodden
In Absence of Ruins

Walk with me

A compilation of sound files from previous art installations, a part of a series called Ruins. The purpose is to just listen, look around, see if the stories resonate with where you are. Or just to have me walking with you as a companion. You have to walk with me though.

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